Three Months from Last Inquiry Form

This form can be used when someone makes an inquiry to your office regarding an advertised house, apartment or service.

The law states that you can call anyone that contacts your office for a period of 90 days. Of course, if someone asks not to be called you must add their number to your company's Do Not Call list. This form is for internal use and should be kept on file.

After Request Current Business Relationship

This letter should be sent to people that make do not call requests. This letter can be used for people that have done business with your company in the past eighteen months or have contacted your company in the past ninety days.

After Request

This form should be sent to someone who makes a Do Not Call request.

Do Not Call Company Policy (Consumer)

This form is used when consumers request your company's policy. It should also be sent when you send any other correspondence.

Meeting Sign-in List

This form should be used when you have your sales meeting on Do Not Call compliance. Associates should sign in when they attended the meeting. This insures associates are aware of the company's policies and procedures.

Open House Register

This register should be used at public open houses. It gives you the right to call them and follow-up.

Do Not Call Office Policy

This form should be added to your associates' Independent Contractor's Agreement.

Permission to be Called

This form should used with every buyer interview and listing taken. It can be used in conjunction with your other disclosure forms. It gives you the right to call them.

Request to be Added to Company Do Not Call List

This form is for internal use. When a sales associate collects a Do Not Call Request they should fill in this form and give it to the office manager or administrator for execution (adding the number system) and filing.